Academic Integrity

It is very important to consider the issue of academic integrity when working in groups or studying together. Always check with your instructor to find out their expectations about collaboration. Instructors' policies may differ from one course to another.

Only submit original work and acknowledge all information sources and collaboration. Presenting work as your own that you have copied from another person is plagiarism.

What's Okay:

  • Group work that clearly follows course instructions
  • Studying together to better understand the course material, concepts from the lectures or text, etc.
  • Sharing research findings or discussing course materials with other students when these contributions are fully acknowledged in one's individual work

What's Not Okay:

  • Working with another student when working in groups has not been approved by the instructor
  • Dividing sections of an assignment or project among a group and then presenting it as work having been completed individually
  • Splitting the tasks for group work unevenly where some students do most of the work while others do very little

Please consult your instructor and Academic Integrity at the University of Guelph for more in depth information.